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10-Day Idea to Patent Course

Turnip launches much anticipated Idea to Patent Course

Academic institutes in India are ramping up Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) awareness and filing. This is thanks to several government initiatives that have tied funding, rankings and accreditation to IPR activities. Within this framework, Turnip has reached out to 30,000+ scholars from 2,000+ institutes since the pandemic began. A combination of online webinars, live streams,

Networking Tips for Conferences

How to network at conferences?

Why this post? I have attended several conferences around the world. (Hong Kong, Portland, Rio de Janeiro, Mumbai, Delhi, Vienna, Paris, and more!) Personally, I hold attending conferences in very high regard for development of your business or professional career. I also think that I have some useful things to say about effective networking in

Turnip Innovation Festival 2022

Turnip Innovation Festival 2022!

After a fascinating first edition in January 2021, we have announced the second edition of Turnip Innovation Festival 2022! Turnip Innovation Festival is our annual online innovation conference. More than 5000 students, faculty and professionals will attend the online event from the fields of Innovation, Intellectual Property, Incubation and Entrepreneurship! Some details about the event:

Turnip Innovations Year in Review 2021

Turnip: 2021 Year in Review – Part 2

2021 has been a transformative year for all. We realised that adapting to macro trends is our best bet going forward. We observed several trends regarding online learning while serving 1000s of scholars on our courses and live events in 2021. You can read the Part 1 of our 2021 Year in Review here. Several

Turnip Innovations Year in Review 2021

Turnip: 2021 Year in Review – Part 1

Disclaimer: This blog is not a scientific analysis of education but our own learning from catering to 1000s of students in the past year. These are trends that I believe represent what the market wants from educators. You can read Part 2 of the Review with Key Developments and Vision for 2022 here: The

How to increase academic patenting

How to increase patent filings at your institute?

One of the goals of academic institutes is to increase patent filings. In this email, I will show you a simple way to achieve this. Here’s the secret: Implement and enforce a comprehensive Invention Disclosure Policy. I will give you details on how invention disclosure forms can be instrumental in maturing ideas. At the end,

Turnip wins World IP Forum Excellence Award

2021 has been a great year for our IPR education and awareness initiatives. Turnip was selected for the World IP Forum (WIPF) IP Excellence Award in the “Education and Training” category. Our story After the lockdowns struck in 2020, I started taking some free webinars on IPR. To my surprise, the first webinar got 1800