SQL for Business Analytics

What most people don’t know about data analytics

I worked as a big data researcher for 6 years.

Slowly I realised that Spreadsheets don’t work great when you have north of 200,000 records.

That’s when I learned SQL. To crunch data right at the source.

Thereafter, I built my own startup. For 3 years I managed over 2.5 billion records in our data warehouse.

Things have changed. Lack of SQL skills is a big deterrent for a modern data / business analyst. There are 50000+ jobs in India on LinkedIn alone that require SQL skills for Business Intelligence.

SQL is mainstream, no longer just for coders.

Hence, I want to pitch you my 15-Day SQL Certificate Course.

  1. Its easy-going, slow and consistent.
  2. It’s extensive, but won’t overwhelm you. Check out the topics
  3. You get 24/7 access to Live Server for practice
  4. Professional Certificate by Turnip Innovations
  5. We have over 400 testimonials. Read Some
  6. Low cost: Only ₹ 299/-
  7. Full refund within 5 days of starting the course if you don’t like it
  8. I am personally just a click away for any queries

Turnip Certificates are Shareable and at par with industry standards. You can add it to LinkedIn profile section “Licenses & certifications.” There is a certificate id and a permanent URL on the Turnip Website.

You can start the course right away: https://rzp.io/l/sql-course

Best regards,
Rahul Kapoor, Founder | Turnip Innovations