10-Day Idea to Patent Course

Turnip launches much anticipated Idea to Patent Course

Academic institutes in India are ramping up Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) awareness and filing. This is thanks to several government initiatives that have tied funding, rankings and accreditation to IPR activities. Within this framework, Turnip has reached out to 30,000+ scholars from 2,000+ institutes since the pandemic began. A combination of online webinars, live streams,

Patent Value Indicators – Supplement of Patent Analytics Course by Turnip

All patents are not same. There is significant variance in their technical and commercial value. Empirical research (Pakes and Schankerman, 1986) has shown that half of the estimated patent value belongs to 5% of the entire patent population. More recently, based on survey data, Gambardella and Harhoff (2008, p. 79) found the mean value of

Learn about Patents by spending just 15 minutes a day!

When you think about patents, it is usually a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo. That is why many people want to avoid the topic altogether. Patents mean disputes, patents mean lawyers, and worse, patents mean infringement and damages. I did my PhD in the field of Patent Analytics. I had just completed my Master’s in Industrial