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Turnip Innovation Festival 2022

Turnip Innovation Festival 2022!

After a fascinating first edition in January 2021, we have announced the second edition of Turnip Innovation Festival 2022! Turnip Innovation Festival is our annual online innovation conference. More than 5000 students, faculty and professionals will attend the online event from the fields of Innovation, Intellectual Property, Incubation and Entrepreneurship! Some details about the event:

Turnip Innovations Year in Review 2021

Turnip: 2021 Year in Review – Part 1

Disclaimer: This blog is not a scientific analysis of education but our own learning from catering to 1000s of students in the past year. These are trends that I believe represent what the market wants from educators. You can read Part 2 of the Review with Key Developments and Vision for 2022 here: https://rahulkapoor.me/turnip-2021-year-in-review-part-2/ The

Patent Value Indicators – Supplement of Patent Analytics Course by Turnip

All patents are not same. There is significant variance in their technical and commercial value. Empirical research (Pakes and Schankerman, 1986) has shown that half of the estimated patent value belongs to 5% of the entire patent population. More recently, based on survey data, Gambardella and Harhoff (2008, p. 79) found the mean value of