Turnip's Basics of IPR Course

Basics of IPR Course: Supplementary Lesson

In this lesson, we will discuss a different and a lesser known IPR, which is: Semiconductor and Integrated Circuits Layout-Design.

Designs of Semiconductor and Integrated Circuits layout are protected legally. Semiconductors and layout design are used in parts of computers and several devices.

An integrated Circuit contains thousands of parts which make patent drafting as well as claiming novelty difficult. IC Layout designs also have a short lifespan and are quite quickly upgraded to newer and better versions. These are therefore protected as Semiconductor and Integrated Circuits layout-design for a shorter period of 10 years. 

A Layout Design should be:

  1. Original
  2. Not commercially exploited for more than 2 years
  3. Distinctive
  4. Distinguishable from other registered layout Design.

Semiconductor and Integrated Circuits Layout design Registry, http://sicldr.gov.in/index provides for the registration for such layout-Designs.

This lesson is supplementary to Turnip’s Basics of Intellectual Property Course. It is created by Dr. Deepika Singh, Advocate, IPR Practitioner and India Patent Agent. You can register for her course here: https://forms.gle/bbh7Aoh5wXBvwVjK7