Free Design Thinking Course by Turnip

Free Design Thinking Course

We are super excited to announce that Dr. Hemang Shah, one of India’s Leading Innovation and Startup mentors, has agreed to curate a Design Thinking Course.

In fact, the course is LIVE right now and its Free of Charge!

You can start the course here:

Design Thinking is one of the most popular framework that helps create innovative products. In this course you will learn how Design Thinking works, how to apply it to your projects, and bring innovations to market.

The course is hands-on and plenty of learning resources are provided!

Course details:

  • Format: Online, self paced, no exam
  • Duration: 7 days (approx. 6 hours total commitment)
  • Course Fee: Free of charge
  • Professional Certificate: Optional (certificate issue fee ₹120/-)

Don’t miss out while it is free. Click Here to Start Now

You can watch Dr. Hemang Shah’s keynote talk at Turnip Innovation Festival 2022 on “Design Thinking” here: