Learn about Patents by spending just 15 minutes a day!

When you think about patents, it is usually a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo. That is why many people want to avoid the topic altogether. Patents mean disputes, patents mean lawyers, and worse, patents mean infringement and damages.

I did my PhD in the field of Patent Analytics. I had just completed my Master’s in Industrial Engineering. So I had to learn a lot about patents being from a non-law background. My research can be classified in the field of economics and strategic management. We used large global patent databases to validate patent value indicators. 4 years and more than 10 research papers later, I completed my PhD dissertation. In the process, I learned about patents in a super non-technical way.

While running day to day activities at Turnip, Covid-19 struck. Things came to a standstill. Even my own family was struck by Covid during the first wave. Luckily everyone recovered in due course but I got a lot of personal downtime. I decided to formulate my own learnings on Patents into a simple course. I started writing every day. Compiling my own thesis and adapting the content into simple lectures with a logical sequence. And hence the 2-Week Patent Course was born.

Who is this course for? Honestly, right now I’d say it is for anybody who wants to learn something new. My original aim was to target engineers and scientists who want to become “inventors” by filing their own patents. But since the course launch, over 1600 scholars and professionals from across India have taken the course. They are young lawyers working in law firms, law students, PhD and Research Scholars, Engineering and Sciences students, and even management students. If you are in the field of Innovation, you will likely be touched by the topic of patents in your day to day work in the future. Globally, over 3.5 million patents a filed every year. China files alone more than 1.6 million out of these. So brace yourself!

What is the course format? I had given live lectures and online webinars in the past. But I wanted to reach a far bigger audience. In addition, I wanted to make it very easy for them to consume and assimilate content. I decided to create it in the form of a newsletter. And that has made all the difference! People have sent me raving feedback on how engaging and enjoyable the content was. I think what really works is that the learning process is slow and consistent. 15 minutes a day for a 15-day streak.

What is covered? I start with how Global Patent Systems work, followed by Key Patent Concepts like Claims, Citations, Technology Classes and more. Before diving into Patent Searching and Landscaping, I discuss the motives and strategies typically employed by global companies to obtain patents. Finally, there is a discussion on how you can mature ideas to patents and file an Indian Patent.

I will try not to give too many spoilers 😛

If you would like to start the course immediately, head over to this page. It costs only a dime at ₹ 199/- and includes a professional certificate. Good luck!

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