Patent Analytics Course – No Charge!

After procrastinating for a long time, I have finally decided to shed the perfection mindset and launch my Patent Analytics Course. It was long due!

I have done research on patent data for more than 6 years as a Master’s student and PhD candidate. As I started developing the course, there was always more and more that I wanted to say. So, I have set the boundaries of the course that anyone with interest in patents or business analytics can benefit from the course. If the course sparks your interest, feel free to interact with me during the course via email.

Why is the course free of charge?

There are two reasons.

First reason is that I want to reach the widest audience possible. Many people do not know the importance of patent data for business intelligence. Especially in India. After doing the course, I want them to say “I didn’t know that I wanted to do this course!”

The other reason is that the course will work as a beta version for my planned live cohort based course. There is so much to say on the topic that one course will not be enough. As with any topic! I can always monetise it later when more people appreciate the importance of this subject!

If you want to support the course, feel free to avail the certificate at the end of the course at a nominal service fee of ₹ 120/-

Here’s the link the start the course:

Hope you enjoy it!

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