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[Entrepreneurship Course] Forming a Company in India

It is possible that you start your business as a side hustle. You can perform early ideation and customer validation without the hassle of company formation. But when you are fully committed, you have to incorporate a company. This allows you to develop trust with bigger clients, follow appropriate law, raise investments, and in general …

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[Entrepreneurship Course] Turnip’s Sample Job Description

Job description Turnip is looking for a passionate marketer for a highly scalable higher education offering poised for 10x growth. Background A rare opportunity to work along the length and breadth of Indian higher education with possibility of global expansion. The Founder is highly reputed with a PhD in Innovation, and experience of successful startup …

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[Entrepreneurship Course] Customer Interviews

This is a sample lesson from my Entrepreneurship Course currently available free of charge for a short time. Registration Link. How to take Customer Interviews Even though you have identified a problem, you shouldn’t start building anything just yet. A lot of people who enter entrepreneurship for the first time are technical experts. They maybe …

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Turnip Innovations Year in Review 2021

Turnip: 2021 Year in Review – Part 1

Disclaimer: This blog is not a scientific analysis of education but our own learning from catering to 1000s of students in the past year. These are trends that I believe represent what the market wants from educators. You can read Part 2 of the Review with Key Developments and Vision for 2022 here: The …

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